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Corporate Outline


Since establishment in 1961,JFBK has consistently manufactured and sold brake components.Reliability and safety has been established over the years with absolute quality in all our products.History shows the company has consistently put its faith in the faculties of its people.In short,development of absolute reliability proves the company thinks highly of the energy generated and exhibited by individual employees.This historical fact means we continue presenting comprehensive and focused directionality as a corporate philosophy. The background of our development exhibits a serious demonstration of the company philosophy that human endeavor is a corporate necessity.We recognize development and technical capabilities are,as a matter of fact,an expression of the competence of the people.We strive in harmony with human ingenuity,and bring forward superb products beneficial to people that are produced by the abilities and efforts of the human being. We would like to work and do business with you for the benefit of all society in close cooperation and harmony.

Company Outline

Establishment October, 1975(corporate reorganization)
September,1961.It established it aiming at manufacturing and sales of the brake parts.
Board of Directors President:Yasuhiro Hakami
Executive Director:Shoji Takahashi
Managing Director:Kazumi Hakami
Chairman:Makoto Hakami
Director:Satoshi Otani
Auditor:Yukiko Kawai
Paid Capital \12,000,000
Number of Employees 70(As of September,2011)
Sales Amount \2,100,000,000(As of September, 2011)