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Privacy Policy

1.Instructions to use this website
This website is owned and operated by FBK CORPORATION. ( collectively referred to herein as "we," "us," or "our"). In the use of this website, please understand the following instructions. We have a case to change Terms of use of this website. In that case, we inform you of it by updating this page. Please confirm the latest information on the occasion of the use.
2.About protection of personal information
We have you customers offer personal information on this site, and we also have a case that we will use it for service to you. In that case, we protect personal information according to the following policy. Personal information which is intended for is the information that can identify a customer having you offer it on this site such as a full name, an address, e-mail address, a TEL/FAX number, sex, the date of birth, and a occupation. When we offer personal information from customers in this site, we state the purpose of use clearly and do not use it besides the purpose. And we employ a management representative on dealing with the personal information that customers offered to us and perform appropriate management. This site does not disclose nor offer to the third person personal information of customers at all as far as a visitor has not consented. But it shall not be this limit when it falls below. When we have a customer's agree on disclosure of personal information. When disclosure is necessary by a law or a request of government offices. When it is necessary for administration of this site. We have a case to disclose personal information of a visitor in companies such as the duties trust future. In this case personal information to disclose is limited to only a necessary range and drives home management of personal information of a visitor by contracts for disclosure. In us, we observe laws and ordinances, a model applied about the personal information that this site holds and review an action in the item mentioned above appropriately and improve it. When we revise the policy mentioned above in this site, we notify you of it in this page. In addition, the description of privacy policy individually written down in this sites takes first priority.
3.Information on this website
Our company drops with extreme caution so that information on this website is correct, but there is the case that incorrect mentions and spelling errors are included in this website. Please use information on this website in responsibility of a user. In addition, please refer to us for the latest information because there will be a case that our information and product / service would be changed without a notice in future.
4.Exemption clause
Please lecture on precautionary measures to computer virus which is possibility to be included in information to download from this website by responsibility of user oneself. Even if we were able to know the possibility that the damage produces, about the direct damage that occurred by use of this website, the indirect damage, the special damage, the damage of a result ,and other damages (includes lost profits, the damage that occurred with an interruption of a business, loss of program or other data) we do not take responsibility at all. In addition, we do not at all guarantee about contents ,the situation and management of the other websites you can access from this website.